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If you would like an event to be added to the MM calendar that is OFF or ON SIM please read the rules and submit via this form!

The Admins at Mischief Managed are aware that over summer, and indeed throughout the year, many of our members roleplay on their own personal sim or homes. Whilst we have previously not sanctioned off-sim events as MM canon we'd like to change that to continue to expand our community by linking events to Mischief Managed.

Any event that is on sim and has been approved by an OOC staff member/Department Head/Head of House does NOT need to be submitted here
The IC or OOC staff member who has approved your event should be the one to add it to the calendar for you


- If you wish to have an event on the calendar it should be open to all, if it's not you would need to send private invites and it will not be able to be put on the MM calendar (unless the event is adult only)
- By holding any event off sim that is linked to Mischief Managed you agree to abide by our sim rules
- Any roleplay that does not fit into HP or MM canon, or if there are concerns with happenings off sim, may be voided
- On providing an SLURL, an admin or manager may visit briefly to ensure it is a suitable location

Additionally: Any off sim RP that does not need a calendar event* is now allowed to be part of MM canon so long as it is line with the sim's established guidelines regarding Student/Adult conduct and Canonical contributions.

* (RPing exploring a sim as your RP character, having friends over to hang out IC, etc)

Please allow up to a week for events to be added to the calendar, if your event is happening in under a week's time please tag a manager in "tag a staff" on discord

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