Chess for Social Skills - Summer Course 2021
Please submit your details below and Ficheall will contact you with details of the chess summer courses when they become available. The course is approved by the DES for 3 EPV days.

In July 2021, it is planned to provide the course, Chess for Social Skills, online by video conferencing. This means the course would be delivered over 20 hours at specific times (between 9.30 and 2pm) over one week. Participants will require a good internet connection and a laptop to participate successfully.

The course content will remain the same as the face to face version of the course which hundreds of teachers around IReland have attended since 2016. Teachers with zero knowledge of chess are still invited to join as chess will be taught from the basics before progressing to cover methods of teaching chess in a primary school and how it can extend to develop and teach students key social skills - respect, accepting defeat, forward planning, giving and receiving compliments, teamwork, decision making, patience and resilience.

The online summer chess course would cover
• methods of teaching the rules of chess pieces to classroom-based or SET groups of students
• methods of teaching checkmate to classroom-based or SET groups of students
• chess games to develop teamwork skills between students
• chess games to develop forward planning and decision-making skills among students
• chess games to develop acceptance and resilience skills in students
• numeracy-based problem-solving chess puzzles
• establishing and using an online platform for student to play and improve their chess ability
• facilitating online chess practice between participants to improve teacher ability

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