An investigation into the application of legislation in the determination of compensation by valuers for overhead power line servitudes in South Africa
Please complete the questionnaire with regards to the valuation of overhead power line servitudes for compulsory acquisition or expropriation purposes
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1. What is your highest relevant qualification held? *
2. What category of registration do you currently hold through SACPVP (South African Council for the Property Valuers Profession)? *
3. How long have you been at registered in this category with SACPVP? *
4. Have you conducted valuations for overhead powerline servitude acquisition purposes in South Africa, i.e. Eskom? *
5. In which provinces of South Africa have you conducted the above-mentioned valuations? *
6. With how many different powerline projects have you been involved with in your capacity as a valuer in South Africa? *
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Neither agree nor dissagree
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7. Do you feel that there is a conflict between the Constitution and the Expropriation Act in terms of the valuation of property for the compensation for overhead power line servitudes?
8. In your opinion do you believe that other registered valuers in South Africa are conducting these types of valuations accurately and in accordance with legislation and professional policies? (
9. Briefly explain how you interpret and apply legislation in your valuations for overhead power line servitudes. *
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10. In your understanding, what amount of compensation should be offered to a land owner in order to acquire a servitude right?
11. What usage of the property do you apply when conducting a valuation to establish the compensation for a power line servitude?
12. Do you apply the before and after method of valuation when determining the value of a property for an overhead power line servitude? *
13. Do you believe the before and after method captures the essence of the applicable legislation and policies? *
14. What do you believe is the most significant challenge as far as valuation for overhead power line servitudes is concerned? *
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Lack of valuer experience
Lack of market evidence
Expectations from property owners and or the client
15. Do you believe that the existing policies, legislation, precedent court cases etc. available offer sufficient guidance to valuers to value properties for the purpose of compulsory acquisition of overhead power line servitudes?
16. How can the approach to valuing property in determining compensation for compulsory acquisition of overhead power line servitudes be simplified for valuers? *
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17. Do you have any other comments related to the valuation of property for the purpose of compulsory acquisition for overhead power lines? *
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