Registration form Lindy What Classes, May to June 2019
Great that you are interested to take classes with us! == See the website for level descriptions and classflow == If you have prior Lindy Hop experience but haven’t danced with Lindy What before, please pick the class level that you think fits best and briefly describe your prior dance experience in the comments section. == Note that we may recommend students to take a different level of class to ensure that the groups are homogeneous and we have a balanced ratio of leaders and followers in class.
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If you like to join both Lindy B or C AND the Speciality class as a follower, please name your first choice in the comments below! If there is a lead/follow ratio problem, we'd like to offer the possibility to at least join one class to all followers.
Either: I just want to dance!
Lindy A (Beginners, Friday)
Lindy B (Friday)
Lindy C (Monday)
Speciality Class (Monday)
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@followers: please tell us your preferred class, if you signed up for both B/C and Spec. And would you mind changing your registration to 'Leader' if that would help?
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