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Welcome to P4P!

We are a group of parents, teachers, administrators, and community members located in Portland and beyond. We meet in person five times during each school year, and we use to communicate and share documents between meetings. We hope you’ll join us on Basecamp. The more people we have join, the more powerful our group becomes in terms of impacting school seismic safety – and potentially local and state-level policy.

Being a “member” of P4P just means that you participate in person or online. When you join our Basecamp group, we consider you a member. But that doesn’t mean you’re obliged to do anything. You can just observe and explore the site, or you can post information and ask questions on the Message Board.

You can edit your Basecamp settings so that you receive email alerts when there is activity on the site. You can receive an email any time someone posts, or you can opt to receive emails in digest form (to minimize inbox clutter). You can also choose not to receive emails, but you may miss out on important P4P news.

To get started, please provide us with the following information. Next, you’ll receive an email from Basecamp, inviting you to join. Once you’re in, please go to the “Docs & Files” section of the site, and read the document titled “Welcome New Members.”

Please avoid using the Message Board for questions/comments that don't pertain to the entire group. This will help minimize frustration among the 140+ P4P members that receive emails when someone makes a post. Instead, email the facilitators at

Laura Hall and Holly Cook, Co-Facilitators

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