YOUtopia 2019 RV Non-Hookup Placement Application
Do you have an RV and want placement at YOUtopia? Well never fear, we got you!

For the purpose of this application - RV denotes any mobile, hard-sided vehicular structure driven or towed you plan to generally live in during the event. This excludes Camper vans and cab over truck campers - those only need a general car camping pass

******Please be aware that this year there are NO hookups at the site....this means, NO water, NO electricity and NO sewer/ waste dumps. There will be NO water trucks and NO sewer/tank pump trucks.
YOUR RV/Trailer/Van/ETC will need to be completely capable of "dry camping" for the entire duration of your planned stay******

RV parking passes are $125 this year - you will need one for any type of RV regardless of whether you will will be parking in the designated "RV AREA", within your theme/sound camp boundaries OR if you need special circumstances placement.

All RVs/travel trailers/etc planning to park within the city during YOUtopia must purchase an RV parking pass.

Please Note: FILLING OUT THIS APPLICATION DOES NOT GUARANTEE YOU WILL BE APPROVED. Approval depends on space available within the designated "RV Area".

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: for YOUtopians NOT in a theme camp, you will be camping in the designated RV area. All decisions regarding approval or placement are mostly final - talk to us, we may be able to work something out.

Once approved by Placement, a special ticket link will be sent from Ticketing & Will Call to purchase an RV pass.

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