Willard Parks Trunk or Treat 2019
If you plan to participate as a "trunk" at the 2019 Willard Parks Trunk or Treat at the Rec Center, please complete the form below and we will contact you to confirm. General participation in passing out candy is FREE! We simply need to know the amount of participants so we can accommodate everyone.
Did you or your company pass out candy in the 2018 Willard Parks Trunk or Treat? *
Name (And company if you are representing one) *
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Phone Number *
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Would you be interested in participating in a trunk-decorating competition among the "Trunks" for a small entry fee of $5? (There will be an awesome prize for the winner and all proceeds go to help support great events like Trunk or Treat! ) *
Are you or your company interested in also becoming a sponsor of this awesome event or a future one? *
Are you interested in volunteering with Willard Parks to help make our events even more awesome in the future?
Please read:
Do you fully understand AND agree to the preceding document outlining the requirements of participation in the Willard Parks Trunk or Treat event, and do you understand that you may be removed from the event if you breech any of the outlined expectations? (If you have any questions, please contact the Halloween Events Coordinator at 417-742-5385.) *
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