Work with or for me 2022 (or pitch me an idea, co-operation proposal)
Updated June 2022.  

This form that has been used by everyone from CEOs,  to 16 year old interns,  to people whose companies I invested in.

It is real. I 'm working with some of the people who fill it in.

One works for me and is leading her own project directly as a result. The other is now CEO of a company I was an angel investor in. (even though I was the first to say he would have been very successful without me, and indeed still is), the third is researching two important projects.

The form takes account of the projects mentioned in my Christmas Day Blog post, in which I list all the projects I am working on, where I need help. The blog post is here 

If you feel that filling in a form is not the right "first" step, that's fine. shoot me an email, or find me some other way of getting your idea across.

If you want an internship I don't want to waste your time/raise your hopes. I'm not sure if I need anyone at the moment,  so if you are not sure it is worth filling this in send me a Linkedin/Facebook request and check with me first.

<About me>
Richard Lucas was PMR’s Managing Director for 3 years 2004-2007 ran SKK – Poland’s largest auto-ID company-  during the 1990s and 2014-2016. He was Curator of TEDxKazimierz from 2014-2021.   He continues to start new businesses, and leads and/or supports a number of non-profit activities, such as CAMentrepreneurs, Village in the City, Krakow Enterprise Mondays, Open Coffee Kraków, #OMGKRK, startup community activities.   He always has other projects and new business ideas that need investigation, research and initiation.  To help support existing, and research and plan new initiatives Richard welcomes approaches from people of all ages and experience.  

It might be that you want to

- Help on one of the projects listed in his blog post here
- buy from, sell to one of my companies
- buy one of my companies, or sell your company to one of my companies
- you might be looking for a job.
- you might be a volunteering looking to gain some experience
- you might have a startup idea, or a project that you want to get going. if that's the case and you want money, make sure you read this first If you send me your pitch or teaser, which doesn't include information about clients, valuation, business model, team, current shareholders, cost and revenue forecasts, saying: "it answers your questions",  it means you haven't read my questions carefully.

Historically I invest earlier than the average seed fund, and provide more support. (businesses I am involved in  have on occasion invested larger sums (largest ever was over $20 million) acquiring other companies, but I am not the CEO so it is not my decision on these larger projects))   I'm not a charity, I like being involved in lean companies run by smart people who want to solve real problems, with happy clients, and staff, while making a lot of money. I don't want to do anything I would be ashamed of.  
The sorts of things you might do for with me, if we start working together include:
- Brainstorming and researching new business ideas
- developing business plans
- support and development promotion of existing projects
- Identifying suppliers, clients, partners for new and existing projects, approaching them, and persuading them to join or work with the project  
- setting up and conducting meetings
- preparing and making presentations
- Writing articles, web posts, blog entries, e-mails  

I  always want:
high levels of motivation and energy
excellent interpersonal skills,
self confidence, flexibility, tolerance, open mindedness
willingness to "get your hands dirty" to do work needed rather than just describe it.
fluency in English, other languages
willingness to work on a very diverse range of projects
A willingness to try and take on new challenges.

The ability to learn fast and think is more important than previous experience, but candidates should expect to demonstrate motivation and commitment.

There is no certainty of a job at the end, but there might be opportunities for on-going work. If you are or want to be an entrepreneur, you might find that I am ready to invest something  later. 
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Please include your country code
If you are interested in helping on specific project(s) from the blog post please indicate which one(s) below
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If this answer to any of the above questions is "yes", please give details of how you want to engage, with details of relevant experiences and skills.
1 What have you done/what characteristics have you got that make you unusual (better, or different) from most people *
I'm looking for things that show you are more motvated, self confident, willing to do new things and take risks, than average
2 What and where have you studied, and lived. If you have had any jobs (even basic), please describe them *
I don't want a full CV, just the basics
3 Special areas of ability *
if you have skills like fluency in languages, ability to create web pages, things you are good at or passionate about that required time and commitment to achieve, please list them, with links to examples if  appropriate
4 Special areas of interest *
if you are particularly interested in a specific area of business or activity, and would like to develop or work on a project in this area, please give details.
5. Where can I find you on the internet *
If I want to work with you, I will want to check your background. If you have never created at least some of: a webpage, a Linkedin , Twitter., Facebook, blog, Youtube, Vimeo, Flikr, Etsy, Quora, Ebay, Shopify, Slashdot, Github,  TED profile.  Pinterest, Instagram, TIktok, etc    etc it tells me something about your priorities, energy levels and self-belief.  Please list as many as you can. If you regard it as private or unrepresentative, by all means comment that. If you social media is littered with references to QAnon, conspiracy theories, or scammy investment schemes we won't enjoy working together.    
6 What type of projects interest you most *
It may be possible to tailor the work to a specific area of interest  - tick as many as apply
7 Have you ever initiated/started a society, business or organisation, or tried to.
We are particularly interested in people who "get things done" and take the intiaitive. please give more information (links if possible).  
8 If you have your own idea for a project or business
its possible that you might be able to explore it as part of an internship, Please give details. if you regard this as confidential, just give an overview.
9 If you  are applying for an internship, why and what are your expectations. how long are you available for. *
We want to understand your motivations and expectations. Its important that what is on offer and what you want are aligned
10 Please give examples of things/characteristics you like/admire and dislike in other people or institutions. *
what are your red lines and limits
11 Please describe activities that you enjoy and do (or would like to do) for fun *
12 Please complete the personality test below and paste in the results (this takes 5 minutes). If you object do not do this question
This question is not compulsory, but may be interesting.    Do not do fill it in if you object. For more info on these types of tests go here
Other ways of getting in contact
please give Skype,  Twitter, Linkedin, Insta, FB, if you have them (we may use this as part of the interview)
13 Your availability *
if you have other commitments (part time jobs, studies) or restrictions (for example - I have to be based in x country/city for family reasons) please give details. If you could literally move anywhere/be anywhere, let me know.
14 References *
Please give the names/relationship of a couple of people who know you well who we could contact if we wanted an independent opinion about your suitability for whatever role we come up with if any. I will only follow up after interview.
15 Money/salary issues *
I am ready to pay to show I am serious , but do not want candidates to apply who are motivated as just another job to earn  money".. If you have savings and/or are wealthy enough to mean that you can work with me without reference to the money involved let me know. Please describe how important salary level is to you, the most and least you have ever earned, and what your longer term financial goals are. If you have money to invest in a project and want me to consider a JV then this is a good place to let me know. if you think this is none of my business, please remember I am funding these projects with my own time and money and who I spend it on and how I spend my time and money is very much my business.
16 Are you potentially open to other opportunities in other companies and organisations *
Richard has shareholdings in several businesses and a wide range of business contacts. If you click yes, you may be contacted from someone telling you they know about you through this process
17 Please give some examples of content: web pages, blogs, podcasts, books, youtube channels or magazines you enjoy reading or visiting, and say why. *
18 Other information
if there is anything else that you think we should know, that has not been asked or covered in this process, please write it in here.
Please confirm the following consent for personal data processing of this form by clicking "yes" "I hereby give consent for my personal data to be processed for the purposes of recruitment, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act dated 29.08.1997 (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland 2002 No 101, item 926 with further amendments)".      From my side I promise I'll be responsible with your data, and delete anything on request as required by the sensible EU GDPR regulations. *
Polish law requires me to get confiirmation that you agreed to me storing your data electronically
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