High Holy Days 2018 with Hillel
Thanks for being a part of our Hillel community. We welcome your thoughts on what makes for a great Hillel experience. We won't take any personal information, unless you'd like to share it with us to follow up on any ideas you may have. *SURVEY CLOSES ON MONTH DAY*

High Holy Days (or as it's sometimes written High Holidays) begin in early September next year. See full calendar of holidays below.

Rosh Hashanah
Sunday, Sept 9 - Erev Rosh Hashanah
Monday, Sept 10 - First Day Rosh Hashanah
Tuesday, Sept 11 - Second Day Rosh Hashanah

Yom Kippur
Tuesday, Sept 18 - Kol Nidre (Erev Yom Kippur)
Wednesday, Sept 19 - Yom Kippur

Do you typically attend a synagogue in the DFW area for High Holy Days? *
How likely would you attend the following Hillel events? *
1 👎= Very unlikely 5 👍= Extremely likely (You may need to scroll) ... ABBREVIATIONS: RH = Rosh HaShanah YK = Yom Kippur
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Erev RH evening traditional or progressive services (Sun, Sept 9)
Erev RH dinner (Sun, Sept 9)
Day 1 RH morning traditional or progressive services (Mon, Sept 10)
RH shofar blow and shortened service (Mon, Sept 10)
Tashlich "cast away your sins" afternoon event (Mon, Sept 10)
RH lunch or dinner (Mon, Sept 10)
Day 2 RH morning traditional or progressive services (Tue, Sept 11)
Kol Nidre evening traditional or progressive services (Tue, Sept 18)
YK morning traditional or progressive services (Wed, Sept 19)
YK afternoon meditation (Wed, Sept 19)
YK evening break the fast (Wed, Sept 19)
Rank the aspects of High Holy Day events that are most important to you *
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Easy to access / close to campus
Timing / not too lengthy
Spiritual / to be inspired
Educational / learning
Inclusive / accessible / in English
Would you miss class in order to attend a High Holy Day event or service? *
Missing class for religious purposes are excused absences and Hillel can help you navigate this with your professors.
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