Town of Groton Recreational Marijuana Survey
The Groton Board of Selectmen seeks your input regarding recreational marijuana establishments. The deadline to submit surveys is December 15th.

The Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act (the “Act”, put into effect last year by Ballot Question 4) authorizes a state Cannabis Control Commission to license recreational marijuana establishments (retailer, cultivator, testing facility, and product manufacturer). The Act also authorizes municipalities to prohibit or regulate recreational marijuana establishments through general and zoning bylaws which, by a vote of the Board of Selectmen, must be placed on the ballot at a regular or special town election. If the Town of Groton chooses to allow recreational marijuana establishments, the Act allows municipalities to collect a local option tax of up to 3% of retail sales. There is also a negotiated Community Impact Fee paid to the municipality by the licensee which can be as much as an additional 3% of the establishment’s gross sales.

Please note, registered medical marijuana dispensaries are currently allowed in the Town of Groton by Special Permit in the General Business and Industrial Districts. No registered medical marijuana dispensary (RMMD) or off-site registered medical marijuana dispensary (ORMMD) shall be located within 500 feet of the property boundary line of any lot in use as a public or private pre-school, primary or secondary school, junior college, college, licensed day-care center, church, library, park, playground, or other RMMD or ORMMD. Distance shall be measured in a straight line from property boundary line to property boundary line.

1. Towns do not have the right to prohibit some of the establishments while allowing others. Do you support allowing marijuana establishments to operate within the Town of Groton? *
1(a). If you answered NO to question 1, would your opinion change if a recreational facility brought significant revenue to the Town?
2. State regulations do not allow municipalities to restrict marijuana establishments to fewer than 20% of the liquor licenses not allowing on-site consumption (i.e. liquor stores). In Groton, there are currently three (3). Would you support setting an upper limit on the number of marijuana establishments, including all types, in Groton? *
3. Should the Board of Selectmen actively seek private entities to operate a marijuana establishment in Groton? *
4. Should current zoning regulations for medical marijuana establishments be applied to recreational marijuana establishments? *
5. Please choose your top two (2) preferred ways to receive information from the Town. *
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