Design Reality's STYLY VR Contest
This is the submission forms for the local Design Reality STYLY VR Contest. Partnering with the VR creation tool STYLY, we are giving away a brand new Oculus Rift and Oculus Go. This contest is running in parallel with STYLY's Global NEWVIEW Awards 2018, in which contestants can win a prize of up to $20,000.

Please fill out the form below by Noon of July 31st.

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Please provide a 200 word description of the experience you have created, the tools you used, and the elements within it.
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Please provide more then one screenshot of your VR experience. Put your name in the file name. EX: "joshua-young-1.jpg". Can be JPG, PNG, or GIF and taken from within STYLY.
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There is a grand prize of $20,000! The global contest can be seen here:
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