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How do you travel?
Do you want to use our shuttle bus for transport from train station Den Bosch to the accomodation? You can take our shuttle bus for € 10,- (including the return trip on friday)
At which time do you arrive at station Den Bosch (or Eindhoven airport)?
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This is to receive periodic RHP announcements and prayer updates (approx. 10x/year)
Would you like for your contact info to be included and given to the others who attend the meeting?
We would include your contact information on a list that we give only to the other participants. We will not share anyone's information with others outside of these meetings.
Conference Registration Fees & Accommodation Reservation Fees
There are two fees to be paid: the Roundtable Registration Fee & the Accommodation Fee.

*RHP Roundtable Registration: Please pay the Registration fee when registering. Early registration fee is 75 € per person, 100 € per married couple.

After Jan 1 registration will be 95€ for single and 110 € per couple.**

Accomodation Reservation:
Basic room (old - toilet and shower in corridor) € 140,00
Standard room (toilet and shower in the room, with more persons per room) € 170,00
Comfort room (toilet and shower in the room, with more persons per room) € 240,00
Comfort room (toilet and shower in the room,1 person per room ) € 310,00
Day arrangement (Lunch, coffee and dinner included) € 50,00

The Accomodation cost is per person and includes room, breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee breaks for the entire conference (four nights and three days).
You can find more information about the accomodation at: http://rhpeurope.net/location-2018

*What is the 75 Euro RHP Registration Fee? This fee is for other conference costs. This one-time fee also contributes to the development of the Refugee Highway Partnership, network meetings, website and resource development.

**Why a 20 Euro late fee for Registration? The RHP leadership would like to be prepared with our numbers as soon as possible in order to plan the number of break out sessions, transportation to/from our excursion, and ensure there is diverse representation across Europe. For this reason, the 20 Euro late fee is meant as an incentive to encourage everyone to register early rather than to wait for the last minute.

Which arrangement do you choose?
If you choose a day arrangement, which day do you want to visit?
Do you have a special need or question that you would like for us know.
If so, please describe this briefly below.
Your answer
A track is an elaborate alternative: in three different sessions, the topic at hand will be gotten into. If you participate, you’ll be doing all three sessions, except when you signed up for an excursion. A track is optional.
These are the topics of the tracks. Which track do you want to follow?
During the conference we will offer a range of workshops and if you would like to recommend a workshop topic please list below. Or, If you would like to offer a workshop please give the title and a sentence to explain it. This information will help the planning team to make the final decision about the workshop selection.
If you would like to suggest or give a workshop, please give a title and explanation.
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Additional Information
Financial Assistance:
RHP is able in a limited capacity to offer partial scholarships to those in financial difficulty, including those in full-time or bi-vocational ministry, students and refugees involved in ministry. If you would like to request financial help, please indicate that below and provide details about your need. Someone from the RHP registration team will contact you via email about this possibility.
If you are requesting financial assistance, please give a brief description of your ministry, your need and why you would like to attend the RHP Roundtable.
Your answer
Optional Scholarship Donation:
All funds donated specifically for scholarships will be used to help someone in need with a scholarship to the RHP Roundtable. Please consider a donation of 50€, 100€ or more! (link below.) Thank you for your generosity!
Inviting Refugee & Migrant Church Leaders:
We encourage attendees to consider inviting a refugee leader to the RHP Roundtable. While we cannot pay for their lodging or meals for your guests, RHP can waive the 75 EUR registration fee for refugees and award some limited scholarships. In the registration process, please indicate that you are bringing a refugee guest and help register them. If you cannot pay for their lodging and meals and need additional scholarships, please include their name and contact info along with a brief description of their ministry and why you are considering inviting them to the RHP Roundtable.
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Participant Survey
The purpose of the RHP Roundtable is to connect and mobilize leaders, churches and organizations to effectively engage with refugees. To do this we need your feedback to help us as we plan our workshops, prayer, resource tables and networking. Please fill in the survey to help us be even more effective in collaborating and learning together. Thank you.
How long have you worked with refugees
What kind of ministry involvement do you have with refugees
Choose those that apply to you and that are a major focus of your ministry
What are the biggest challenges that you face in ministry?
Your answer
Where do you find strength to stay on course in ministry?
Which of these pastoral issues are the most relevant for you in refugee ministry?
What is needed for churches and pastors to have a good refugee ministry?
How does adversity influence your spiritual life with God?
Your answer
Choose what you hope to gain from this roundtable
What resources would you like more of for your ministry?
Check the two places where you go most often to find resources.
Payments: select your accommodation and make the calculations of the total of the conference fee, accommodation en shuttle bus costs:
What are your total costs? These costs are exclusive drinks in the Evening Cafe, ministry visit (15 €) and trips to Den Bosch (5 €).
Your answer
The payments
The payments of the conference fee, accomodation and shuttle bus costs should be transferred before 22 January to:
IBAN: NL93 INGB 0000 7292 41
Name: Stichting Gave

Bank Address:
INGBank N.V. afd.
Foreign Operations,
Postbus 1800, 1000 BV Amsterdam.

You can find this information on this page:

Do you want to receive an invoice?
Thank you for your registration
We look forward to seeing you at our next RHP–Europe meeting
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