A DSA Petition Effort on Resolution 33

The following form site is a petition. It is intended to address matters involving Resolution 33, as adopted at the 2017 National Convention of the Democratic Socialists of America.
What you will review within

The site contains an electronic version of our petition, broken down into sections you can review. They include:

- A brief "Overview" explaining what this petition does (and does not) do;

- A "Preamble" section that explains what's motivating this effort, with a detailed .PDF document explaining relevant facts and reasons;

- A series of actions which are being petitioned for, with detailed .PDF documents explaining exactly what is expected for each.

The site will then lead you to a form to sign-on in support of the petition.

Though we strongly recommend using this electronic site to more easily review and sign the petition, a long-form .PDF document of it is available here: http://bit.ly/FixR33PDF.
Who might wish to review and support this

Both individual DSA members and entire local chapters may sign-on in support. Additionally, we're welcoming former members of DSA to lend their voice in support, if they are so moved.

If you fall into any of these groups and you agree with what is presented, continue through to the sign-on pages and where you can electronically submit your support.

Special Note: Any persons who have safety or well-being concerns with fears of openly supporting this petition may still sign-on. Please reach out at the email address found below before doing so, that we may be able to take additional steps to safeguard you, while letting your political will be known.
In closing

Additional supplementary materials (not affecting the original petition language) may be presented in this opening section in the future.

Please visit this page again, so you can watch as people continue to sign on and as our grassroots effort for change grows.

Click http://bit.ly/FixR33Support130 to see how many supporters our petition has, as of January 31, 2020.

We will update progress on individual signatories on a weekly basis, approximately. Because chapters -- steering committees and general meetings -- meet at different intervals based on their own local bylaws, we will update progress on gaining chapter approvals on approximately every three weeks.

For questions, or to help organize the effort for truth and accountability toward resolution, justice and change in Resolution 33, email:


In Solidarity,

Concerned in Democratic Socialists of America
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