Jesus' call to missionary discipleship: what it means to me
Eastertide is a good time to reflect how Jesus calls me to be a missionary disciple. We'd like to invite you to share something of that call, in just 200 characters. We're collecting 'vox pops' from people in parishes around Nottingham Diocese, at least one for each day of Eastertide. They'll make a tapestry of Gospel witness, a collage of Easter faces and voices. We'll put them out there on the diocese's social media and in publications.

The little meditation below might help you start thinking. Please scroll down and write a few words about what Jesus' call to missionary discipleship means in your life. Feel free to answer either Q1 or Q2, or both, and send us a mugshot of yourself.

We look forward to hearing from you and adding your stitches to the tapestry. Thank you!

Collette, Joe and Paul, working with Bishop Patrick

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Christ in the garden with Mary Magdalene, from a mural in Glasgow's Episcopal Cathedral, photographed by Lawrence OP
Why missionary discipleship in Eastertide?
On the original Easter morning, the first witness of the resurrection was Mary Magdalene. The risen Jesus urged her to 'go and tell' whom she had seen. She did, and, thanks to her, the Church sprang to life. She was the first missionary disciple, but one thing's for sure: she wouldn't have known it at the time.

Christ asks the same of us. We have encountered him in Word and Sacrament; we follow him as disciples (or at least we try); and now he sends us into the world. He sends us to become who we already are: bearers of the Gospel and signs of his Kingdom. Like Mary we probably feel too modest or too uncertain to claim anything for our efforts. But as the Easter story shows, Jesus will use our simplest acts of love to change lives.

It doesn't matter how well you feel you measure up - chances are that Jesus believes in us more than we believe in him. What matters is the love, and the life, you find in what you do. As Pope Francis puts it in 'The Joy of the Gospel': "Life grows by being given away... Those who enjoy life most are those who leave security on the shore and become excited by the mission of communicating life to others."

So do please tell us something of your Gospel life!

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We wish you a blessed Eastertide
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