Holiday Lake Estates Community Sale
If you plan on selling items at your home, please submit your address, so that we can add it to the event flyer and map.

Please note that there is a nominal $5 fee to cover the cost of advertising and promotion. You do need to pay the registration fee to be listed on any and all promotional materials. You can submit payment using PayPal on our website at or in-person by contacting
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Advertising Disclaimer
Because it is against Pasco County code, we are unable to place any signs in the community. We are looking at options for minimal paid advertising, including the possibility of a sign spinner at the front entrance. To cover advertising costs, we are asking that each family who participates in the sale pay a nominal $5 fee. This can be paid via PayPal on our website or in person by contacting us at The amount and type of paid advertising will be contingent upon the number of households that register and submit payment. The HLECA will do our best to promote the sale but foot traffic can never be guaranteed.
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