GMK Lunar IC Form #2
This is the IC form for GMK Lunar — a keycap set inspired by the NASA Apollo Guidance Computer and DSKY interface.

You can find more information on GMK Lunar here:

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DSKY interface for Apollo Guidance Computer — my inspiration for GMK Lunar
GMK Lunar on Austin
GMK Lunar on Austin — close-up
Planned GMK Lunar Kits (Rev. 2)
These are the kits I would like to offer, as part of this set. There will be other kit suggestions below, which will be offered if there is enough interest in them.
Please note that all mods in the Command Module (Base Kit) have custom legends.
GMK Lunar uses stock GMK colours, including 2M, 2B, N6, N9, and V1.
Command Module (Base Kit)
Would you be interested in buying the Command Module (Base Kit)? *
Landing Pad (Spacebar Kit)
Houston! We Have A Problem! (Novelty Kit) [work in progress]
Which of the keys in the Novelty Kit above do you fancy (select all that apply)? *
If you chose to buy the Command Module (Base Kit), which child kits would you buy? *
Optional GMK Lunar Kits (if there is sufficient interest for them)
Lunar Module (Dark Alphas Kit)
Moon Rover (40% / Ortho Kit)
Would you like to buy one of the optional child kits? Please answer only if you are 100% certain you want a specific kit! *
Are there any changes to any kit that you would like to suggest? Please include keyboard / layout, if relevant and be as specific as possible.
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Is there anything else you would like to add? Is there a kit you would like to see perhaps?
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Thank you!
You can find me on Geekhack/KeebTalk (Moridin), @moridinskeyboards on Instagram, and @Moridin#9373 on Discord.

You can find more information on GMK Lunar here:
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