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Please enter the names of all Summoners participating in the match, including those who disconnected or afk'd. It's important that spelling be precise; otherwise, we have to manually fix the entries, and that can get pretty difficult with large numbers of matches.
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Please be specific about who disconnected/afk'd. Did it impact the game significantly? Do you think it was accidental or intentional, or are you not sure?
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Please describe anything that you think might have had a meaningful impact on the match.
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We gather this information for analytic purposes. "One-sided" means that one side took the lead early and dominated throughout. A close match might be a match in which both sides jockeyed back and forth for the lead, or it might be a match that looked like a stomp until the other side won in an abrupt reversal.
If someone recorded the match, you can link the video file here.
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