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Personal application
We would like to now more about your motivation to volunteer at such a project. In your own words write your personal application, about yourself and why you wish to become a volunteer?
Have you been a volunteer abroad before? Where and for how long?
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Have you ever been suspected of (only if the suspicions were substantiated), charged with or convicted of any crime relating to child abuse?
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Beliefs and Church Involvement
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The ministry where you will work is based upon Christian values. Will you be willing to submit under these Christian rules and lifestyle during your stay?
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Read before submitting
I declare all the above information to be truthful and accurate.

I understand that I will work under the authority of UCC and I will submit to the authority at the projects.

As a volunteer in UCC’s ministry, I do hereby, discharge all rights and claims for injury or illness (including death) whether physically or emotional, or property damage or loss of any nature, which I may have or which hereafter accrue to me against UCC’s ministry, for any and all damages and liabilities which may be sustained and suffered by me in connection with my association with and/or arising out of my travelling to, participating with, and return from any of the work, activities and services of UCC’ ministry.

I understand that during my stay abroad as a volunteer I am not allowed to become boyfriend/girlfriend with a child (defined as 0­18 years of age), and/or in any way engage in a sexual relationship with any anyone (outside marriage) during my stay in Uganda.

I understand that all finances and all insurances are entirely my own responsibility during my stay abroad, and that UCC where I will volunteer cannot be held responsible for any lost in this matter. I understand that I will work as an unpaid volunteer and I will cover all expenses myself.

The accommodation costs is 500 USD per month that have to be paid in advance.

I understand that if I determine to leave the project before agreed time I still pay the full amount for the time agreed in this contract.
I understand that during my time as volunteer, I’m not allowed take any narcotic drugs or alcoholic beverages and I agree to follow the ministry’s specific guidelines in those matters.

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