Next Steps for ORMA
Thank you for taking a few moments to complete this 15-question survey. Your responses will:

1) Assist the current ORMA leadership to plan a convention where the Interim Coordination Committee (ICC) will be replaced with a democratically-elected body.

2) Help prepare for next year's Democratic convention. Please share how you thought ORMA's platform convention work was perceived by attendees.

3) Reveal what the members of current and emerging affiliates want from a statewide organization to be founded and managed on principles of transparency, democracy, diversity and accountability.

There are 20 questions, mostly multiple-select. Some concern things you may not have thought much about. Rather than guess, leave those blank or talk them over with others. This is not a test of what you know, but an invitation to participate.

Once you submit your entry, you will be able to see meaningful graphs of other responses. In addition, a written summary and outline of next steps, with an invitation for comment, will be mailed to your email address in a few weeks.

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