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Feathers Galore Bird Rescue
Before beginning this application, please review all of the information below. Please place a checkmark next to each statement to confirm you have read and understand the information provided. All statements must be acknowledged or your application will be marked invalid. *
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Are you within 30 minutes of 8655 S Preston Hwy, Lebanon Junction, KY 40150 (please confirm using Google Maps)? *
Email Address *
Phone Number *
Communication is typically fastest and easiest through text. Is this phone number available for text communication? *
What type of home do you reside in (where the bird will be located)? *
Is everyone in the household in agreement with the decision to foster a bird (or birds)? *
Please list all household members, including yourself. Include name, age, and relationship to you. *
What other pets are in the home? Please specify types/breeds, how many, etc. *
Have you ever fostered a pet? If so, please describe your experience. *
Why do you want to foster a bird? *
Do you have specific breeds/sizes/etc. that you cannot foster? Please specify any limitations. *
Do you have a cage available for fosters? If so, please specify cage dimensions. Note: A cage is not required. In most situations we should have an extra cage available to use if needed, but having a cage available and ready may make the arrangement a little easier. *
All birds in Feathers Galore care are seen at Crestwood Animal Hospital for their veterinary needs. (Address: 6321 West Highway 146, Crestwood, KY 40014.) Are you able to transport to this location? Do you have reliable transportation? *
Personal References: Please list at least 2 individuals (not in your home) who are familiar with both you and your pets. Please provide their name, phone number, email address, and relationship to you. *
Foster Agreement: You must read/acknowledge all statements below. After reading each statement, please mark the checkbox next to the statement to confirm you understand and agree to the statement. All boxes must be marked and acknowledged or your application will be considered invalid. *
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