Scala Up North - Call for Presentations
Important: CFP ends May 14th.

Thank you for considering Scala Up North for your presentation. The Scala ecosystem is growing very quickly. A number of Canadian organizations have already adopted Scala with great success or are considering it.

In 2015 we had a splendid first installment in Toronto - but don't take our word for it. Take a look at last year’s survey results:

• Many talks ranked extremely well. Out of 14 presentations, the best one was considered good or awesome by 93%, three ranked higher than 85%, three at 80% or better and one above 75%.
• Ticket prices, schedule, food, and venue were all highly ranked by most respondents

We will have two presentation formats, with 20-minute and 45-minute slots respectively. Speakers are encouraged to leave enough time for Q&A.

Shortly after the end of Call for Presentations, registered attendees will receive an email inviting them to vote for the presentations they’d like to see in the final program. Attendees can vote for as many presentations as they desire.

Presentations will then be chosen based on votes, with minimal input from the organizers. The organizing committee reserves the right to veto proposals based on topic and content.

Should your presentation be selected (fingers crossed!) we will waive your registration fee. We encourage you to register early - even if you're submitting a proposal - so you can secure a ticket and cast your vote.

All presentations will be recorded and made publicly available after the conference. Unless you opt out of having your presentation recorded, you grant us a non-revocable license to use and redistribute the recording as we see fit and use it in marketing materials. You remain the sole copyright holder of your presentation, we will not claim your creation as our own and will always provide credit.

A note to francophone speakers: while we at Scala Up North strive to promote diversity in the community, we have chosen to limit proposals and presentations to the English language for the benefit of a broader audience.

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