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Richland County is considering an ordinance restricting the use of single-use carryout bags by imposing a fee on those bags after a certain date. To help shape that policy, we would appreciate your participation in this survey about the types of bags your business provides to customers. To help you complete the survey, some definitions have been provided for clarity:

• Fee/charge – Money that retailers are mandated to charge but is retained by the retailer
• Single-use carryout bag – A bag made of plastic, paper or other material that is not a recycled paper bag or reusable bag
• Mil – A unit of measurement equal to a thousandth of an inch. A standard grocery bag is 2.25 mils thick.
• Reusable bag – A bag greater than 4 mils thick, so slightly thicker than a heavy freezer zip-lock bag (e.g., fabric bags)

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1. What type of bag(s) and/or containers do you offer your customers? (Choose all that apply).
2. What percentage of your customers decline a single-use bag or bring their own bags?
3. About how many single-use carryout bags does your store provide to customers in a year?
4. Does your business/store provide customers with a way to recycle their single-use carryout bags?
5. What type of business do you operate?
6. How many locations does your business have in Richland County?
7. How many full-time employees (FTEs) does your business employ in all its Richland County locations?
8. What, if anything, makes it difficult for your business to offer reusable bags or another alternative to single-use carryout bags? (Choose all that apply).
9. How would you most like to receive further information about the carryout bag ordinance? (Choose all that apply).
10. If Richland County moves forward with an ordinance, how could the County best support your business in moving away from single-use carryout bags?
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11. Do you have any comments on a possible ordinance restricting single-use carryout bags?
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12. In what ZIP code is your business's primary physical location? *
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