Community Garden Request Plot 2020
Three sizes of community garden plots are available. The full plot will be approximately 20'x20' ($30), half plots will measure 20'x10' ($20) and student plots will be 10'x10' ($10). Cash or checks (made out to Luther Community Garden) should be delivered to the Sustainability Office, Valders 372F, before May 1(ish), 2020.

May 1st: Plot request form and payment are due
June 1st: All plots must be planted by this date unless prior arrangements have been made
Fall: You are required to clean-up your plot at the end of the season. Stay tuned for more details about when and how.

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Note: Plots are available to groups of 2 or more students in the form of quarter plots (i.e. 10' x 10')
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This is listed by last name, so please note below if your name has changed.
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Is there someone with whom you are planning to share your plot (full, half or student)? If so, please list name(s) and contact info.
Do you agree to pay your community garden fee by May 1st? *
$30 Full / $20 Half / $10 Student. You may send cash or a check (made out to Luther Community Gardens) to Sustainability, Valders 372F
Do you have plans to be away for any significant portions of the summer or fall? *
For the good of the gardening community, it is best if plots stay well maintained throughout the summer. If you do plan to be away, do you have plans for someone else to tend your garden?
Do you agree to abide by the Community Garden Policies and Procedures and understand the Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement? *
Documents available on the sustainability website. Clicking "yes" below is your electronic signature.
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