Host Application for South Texas Coaching Course
STYSA Contact: Jene' Baclawski, Technical Director of Education; 512-272-4553

All Associations who wish to serve as the host of a STYSA Coaching Course must do the following:

1. Reserve the required facility needs (practice field and a classroom) and equipment (projector/TV, soccer balls, cones, pennies may be needed)

2. Provide players for the course. Coaches are not permitted to play. Player needs and times will be communicated when scheduling the course(s)

3. Choose three possible dates for the course. List your preferred date first, followed by two alternates

4. Complete the online application and submit it for consideration. You will be notified by the Director if your application is accepted.

Additional details:

Grassroots Licenses-
The course will take 4 hours: 1 hour in the classroom, 2 hours on the field then 1 hour in the classroom
Courses are set up for a 12:1 candidate to instructor ratio

Players of the correct age & appropriate numbers are required for the field component:
- 4v4 Course: 8 Under-8 players
- 7v7 Course: 14 U9 or U10 players
- 9v9 (U11-U12) or 11v11 (U13) Course: 14-22 players

Select a site that includes:
- Outdoor field with goals and, if possible, an indoor playing area to be used in case of bad weather.
- Classroom area with blackboard/whiteboard and a projection screen or area to project images.
Select a site coordinator for the course. He/She will be the contact person for South Texas Youth Soccer and is responsible for opening and closing the facility for the course daily.

D License:
The course is two weekends with a minimum of 6 weeks in between. Classroom, field and player needs will be shared once the request form is submitted.

State Education Clinics:
Minimal host needs required and can be tailored to fit the needs of the association/club

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