2020 NOM Multimedia Workshop Grant Application
Applications are due by midnight 1/31/20

We are offering a grant to support a multimedia workshop to be hosted at NOM and free to the public. This workshop will span a period of at least 5 hours of class time over a single or multiple sessions with more hours required for larger grant awards. An outline of the workshop plan is required as well as an explanation of the instructor’s qualifications. A budget and timeline are required. Multimedia workshop topics could include but would not be limited to script writing, 3D printing, makeup and hair, coding, cinematography, visual storytelling, blogging, animation, podcasting, etc.

-up to $1000 per project
-multimedia workshop to be held at NOM
-application should outline instructor’s qualifications
-budget and timeline required
-a workshop plan is required
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We encourage you to send us any materials that you think will support your grant application. A rough budget for your budget is required. Resources including blank forms and samples can be found at http://northamptontv.org/grants/
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