The National #PPiMH Children & Young People's MH (CYPMH) Awards 2020 - Services/Organisations
There are nine awards for groups/services/organisations

The Awards are supported by Breakthrough MH, #PPiMH Collaborative, NHS England, Oxford Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Healios.

The Awards Ceremony will take place at Oxford United Football Club in Oxford a date to be confirmed after Covid 19.. During the day, prior to the ceremony, there will be a learning event at which shortlisted nominees will be invited to come and share their practice with other finalists. Results will be announced at the ceremony.

Closing date for nominations has been extended to June 26th.


For further information or any questions please contact or via our contact forms on or

Please complete all of the following sections - and, once you are happy with your entry, click "Submit". Please make a copy if you need one. Your nomination will be confirmed, so you know that we have received it. ...Good Luck!

3)  Parent and Baby/Infant Services 
This award recognises the importance of the excellent work being carried out in those services working in this pivotal time for parents and babies.  Nominations welcomed from health, social care and the third sectors

4) Inpatient CYPMH Care - Tier 4
This award recognises positive practice in delivering inpatient care, with a particular focus on involving young people and their carers/parents, and having a range of activities and treatment options available. This award also applies to specialist inpatient care such as eating disorders units.

5)Transition from CYPMHS
This award recognises services from health, social care, the third sector or education who help young people transition positively from using Children and young people´s mental health services to another entity, whether it be employment, voluntary work, education, or adult mental health services.


6) Digital Innovation in CYPMH Services
This award recognises a group or service who have created a piece of work, (project based or ongoing)  including a digital project / social media, to be used by CYPMH and partner organisations such as schools to promote positive mental health and to support young people in maintaining good mental health.

7) Learning and Education
This award recognises a service/project working to build resilience in schools with young people. For positive work between education and health/social care and or third sector organisations, who have developed innovative projects to promote positive mental health in learning and educational establishments with the active involvement of children and young people.

8) Crisis Liaison & Intensive Support Services
This award recognises services supporting young people through a crisis. For a team/service that provides  exceptional support and intervention to children/young people and their families through a period of crisis.  Innovation is particularly sought, together with extended hours, and easy access.

9) Partnership Working/Co-Production
This Award recognises partnership working and/or co-production with Children and Young people in a service or project. For education, health/social care organisations or third sector services  who have established services in partnership with/co-produced with Children and Young people.

10) 0 -25 Services
This award recognises positive practice in these services for either individual organisations in the health, social care or third sector, or for partnership working between a number of services working together.

11) Covid 19
Team/whole system award for work by mental health services during Covid-19

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