MYP Community Service Documentation 2017/2018
The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme requires that all students complete a community service project each year. Community and Service starts in the classroom and extends beyond it, requiring students to participate in the communities in which they live. Students should be encouraged to make connections between their intellectual and social development and the benefits that they can contribute by asking themselves: "How can I make a difference?"
Due: MARCH 5, 2018

Minimum Expectations
6th Grade - 10 hours 7th Grade - 15 hours 8th Grade - 15 hours

Please note that hours a maximum of 5 hours can be completed in the summer.
Supervisor must be someone other than a parent or relative.

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Community Service Organization
You are required to upload documentation of this community service activity. Examples are as follows: a letter on the organization's letterhead signed by the supervising adult or a Certificate of Appreciation signed by organization administration.
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If more than 10 hours, the uploaded documentation must reflect accordingly.
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