Firebase community support, Q&A, and discussion channel preferences
This is a research survey to help Firebase better understand where users go for community and other support.
1. Which community channel would you visit for a technical question like: "How does Firebase fit in with clean architecture for Android apps?" *
2. Which community channel would you visit for a programming question like: "I’m having problems with transactions on Firebase [...] What am I doing wrong in this code?" *
3. Which community channel would you visit for Firebase discussions like: "How does Firebase compare with other BaaS providers?" *
4. Are you familiar with Quora as a community channel for Q&A’s and discussions? ( *
5. Would you use Quora over Slack or Google Groups for Q&A’s and discussions? *
6. Which of these best describes you? *
7. Let us know if you have any suggestions on how Firebase can better assist your questions through our community channels.
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