Benefits Training and Election

The Faculty Benefits Training and Election is designed to go over your available benefits and assist you with completing your paperwork.

To help you in completing your enrollment, please bring the following applicable information with you to your benefits orientation:

* Information on your dependent(s) (spouse, children)
* Social Security Number
* Birth Date
* Medicare number and effective date(s) - Part A and/or Part B (if applicable)
* If you have health coverage through your spouse, we will need the name of the insurance company and policy/group number.

If you made tax deferred contributions to a 403(b) and/or 403(b)(7) in 2018 and would like a maximum calculation done, please bring a letter from your previous employer(s) or latest check stub with year to date total showing the total amount you tax deferred.

You may review your 2018 Benefit Information by going to

Benefits Training and Election sessions will be held in 400 Wilson Hall.

Please contact Kara Petrancosta at 248-370-4207 or with any questions or concerns.

Fill out the following information, and select your preferred Faculty Benefits Training/Election.

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