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The Time Salon is a facilitated gathering offered by the Kola Nut Collaborative which guides participants through dialogue and practices in community asset mapping, accessing social capital and non-monetary exchange.
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What is timebanking? What are the historical roots of time exchange? How can timebanking be employed as a strategy to strengthen social fabric within communities? How is timebanking related to other cooperative and collaborative economic practices?

In the Time Salon, Michael Tekhen Strode will offer some historical background on time exchange, bartering and early human economies, relate this history to a modern resurgence of timebanking, weave timebanking into the development of mutual aid organizations and provide participants with the opportunity to "feel" how strong our safety net becomes when we connect its individual strands.

Through interrogation of contemporary literature, film, documentary and artistic works, participants grow to understand how currency is commingled with all aspects of our lived experience.  Currency and capital exist in numerous forms and are often exchange without our knowledge.

Host a Time Salon with your civic, social or neighborhood group and discover how to better deploy social capital thru timebanking and other forms of non-monetary economic exchange.
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