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Mystery 52 Μystikit Eλευσίνα - Εducational kit
2023 Eleusis European Capital of Culture

We become Wanderers.

Like Demeter once upon a time.

An "Eleusinian" game of wandering. 

Mystikit takes the form of a DIY toolbox for initiation, action and exploration that travels from one school to the next throughout Greece.

The kit contains the necessary equipment (measuring instruments, tablet, printer, educational material, etc.) for student groups to carry out a psychogeographic* field trip beyond their school context and into public space, the heart of the city, the neighbourhood.

The aim is an emotional experience and re-appropriation of space – to see everyday life as an opportunity for an artistic act.

Starting from the nine successive stages of the myth of Demeter, the students:

Step 1: listen to a sonic walk around nine spots in the city of Elefsina (estimated duration: one school lesson)

Step 2: wander around their own town, chart the sensorial map of their route (estimated duration: one school lesson)

Step 3: devise their "myth of the city" (estimated duration: one school lesson)

Step 3: conceal the Mystery object ? in the toolbox.

The aim, ultimately, is for the students to discover an all-new and authentic experience, surrendering themselves to the effect of the “mystical” encounters and situations they come across. 

*psychogeography: a term coined approximately 70 years ago by poets and artists and refers to a practice of wandering with aspects of exploration to it, that investigates the impact of the urban environment on people’s feelings and behaviors.


  • The educational program requires the presence and supervision of a teacher.
  • The whole program can be completed during 3 school lessons (45' each).
  • The kit's language is English.
  • The educational sheets are written in simple and easily comprehensible language.
  • The kit includes a manual with detailed step-by-step instructions.

For questions or queries regarding the loan of the kit, please contact the MYSTIKIT Team directly: 

For any other matter you can contact 2023 Eleusis European Capital of Culture: 
Tel. +30 2105560126, 2105562001

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The Educational Action will be implemented by students
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The educational action is designed to be carried out by a group of up to 40 pupils. 

*The above does not mean that the suitcase as well as the permanent educational material (audio tour of Elefsina, objects, souvenir material) cannot be presented to more students in order to initiate fruitful discussions in the classroom.
I am aware that in order for MYSTIKIT to travel to as many schools in Europe as possible, until the end of the action in November 2023, the suitcase cannot be booked out for more than 2 weeks.
*If, however, for some reason you would like it to stay longer, please send us a request.
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There you go becoming wanderers,

like Demeter once upon a time.

Thank you!
You will hear from us soon!
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