A Challenge of Not Using Plastic Straws
A message from Gbright: Plastic straws pollute the ocean. It gets in animals' bodies and they get sick and they die. I challenge you to not use plastic straws for the month of April! If we all not use plastic straws animals won't get killed.

More information: 500,000,000 single use plastic straws are used in the US every day and almost none of them are recyclable. Many times plastic straws are put into drinks even without being asked for and are, often, not needed. A few cities have passed a ban on plastic straws, Seattle being the largest, and a country-wide ban is being worked toward in the UK. But we need to make this more widespread if we are going to stop this from continuing as one of the largest contributors of plastic pollution in our oceans. By changing our plastic straw habit people can make a big difference with a small change.

Learn more about the issue (https://www.strawlessocean.org/), the Seattle straw ban (https://bit.ly/2GRhWKw), or see the video that made Gbright decide this had to become something bigger than just one city (https://bit.ly/1DRmE4H).

What you can do instead:
- Ask for "no straw" when ordering drinks in a restaurant.
- Carry a reusable straw with you and keep one in your vehicle to use for drinks on the go.
- Bring your own cups with lids that let you drink without a straw.

About the challenge:
Gbright (a Kindergartener in Shoreline, WA) learned about the problem of plastic straws when her older brother started studying plastic pollution in the ocean. Living near Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean, she could feel the impact of this very close to her home. She and her family made a commitment to not use plastic straws as a New Year's Resolution for 2017 and began seeing how often plastic straws were offered and used around her every day. Some of Gbright's friends also concerned about plastic pollution petitioned their city council in Redmond, WA to ban plastic straws and she decided to do the same in Shoreline. Based on her letter, the city council considered the ban but decided not to go ahead with it just yet. To encourage them to pay more attention to the issue, on April 2 she went to their weekly council meeting to challenge the council members to personally give up using plastic straws for the month of April. To make an even bigger change...SHE WANTS EVERYONE TO JOIN IN. This challenge is her idea and a way she hopes will make a big change.

Will you accept the challenge?
Use the form below to pledge to not use single-use straws for the month of April. Do your best and keep track of how many straws you use during the month to see how the challenge changes your own habits and plastic use.

A note on privacy:
Email address is asked for on the form to prevent spam submissions and to verify only one pledge per person. We will not share your email address with others (unless you give us permission to). We will keep you updated on how many people have joined the challenge and to report back on impact and progress.

For any questions or more information, contact Gbright's Mama, Sara Betnel, at sarabetnel(at)gmail.com

A message from Gbright
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