FABS Quartetting Day 2022
Are you an enthusiastic singer confident to hold your own in a quartet? Perhaps you don't currently have a quartet of your own, but miss singing together with three other people?

FABS Quartetting Day is an event for all well-prepared singers (SATB) joining together for a day of singing an exciting repertoire of 5 arrangements in the barbershop style. The Quartetting Day gives singers the opportunity to sing with a number of different combination of singers in "random quartets", knowing that all participants know their music by heart and can sing it well. During the event, all singers are expected to know the repertoire by heart in order to create an enjoyable experience of making music together. You will have over 3 months to learn the repertoire on your own with the help of sheet music and high quality audio learning tracks, included in the registration fee.

The event will culminate in a "random quartet" contest, where different combinations of singers are drawn and given the opportunity to perform for each other. All contest performances are scored by your fellow singers, and the winning quartet will have the honor of being the first ever 'FABS Quartetting Day Random Quartet Champion'

WHEN?     Saturday October 1st, 2022
WHERE?   Kulttuurikeskus Sandels, Topeliuksenkatu 2, Helsinki
WHAT?     Learning songs, singing together and having fun
WHO?       All motivated singers

FABS ry members:  30€
Non-members:        35€

- Physical, mental and vocal warm-up led by Atte Heikkinen
- Free singing in as many quartet combinations as possible
- Lunch (bring your own, coffee and snacks on the house)
- "Random quartet" contest

The event will be held only if the minimum participant amount (20) is filled.
FABS ry follows the up-to-date guidelines on COVID-19 and holds the right to reschedule the event if necessary.
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Barbershop voice parts are always named tenor/lead/baritone/bass, regardless of gender. FABS has curated a repertoire of songs which, although written for male voices, are suitable for mixed groups. Voice parts will be assigned based on the applicants' wishes whenever possible, but the goal is to have an equal amount of singers in every voice part. Female voices: The lead part is often suitable for a low alto, and the tenor part can be sung comfortably by most female voices. Baritone is also a viable option for low altos.
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Voice parts will be assigned based on the applicants' preferred wishes whenever possible, but we kindly ask you to consider an alternative voice part, so that no one voice part is over-represented.
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I agree to learn the repertoire for 'FABS Quartetting Day' by heart, and commit to come prepared at a level that will provide an enjoyable singing experience to my fellow singers.
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