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Photography Policy
New Mexico PTA reserves the right to use any photograph/video taken at any event produced and sponsored by New Mexico PTA. By attending the event, I grant permission to the New Mexico PTA to include my image in the photograph/video. New Mexico PTA may use the photograph/video in publications or other media material produced, used or permitted by New Mexico PTA including but not limited to: brochures, invitations, books, newspapers, magazines, television, websites, etc. Any person desiring not to have their photo taken or distributed must contact New Mexico PTA in writing of his/her intentions and include a photograph. New Mexico PTA will use the photo for identification purposes and will hold it in confidence. If you wish to be excluded from any photos, please call the New Mexico PTA Office at (505) 881-0712. By registering, you are acknowledging acceptance of these terms.
Cancellation/Refund Policy
Registration cancellation requests must be made in writing and sent via email before Wednesday, April 24, 2019 to nmpta@newmexicopta.org. NMPTA will not honor refund requests after the deadline.

All cancellations and refund requests will be subject to a $5.00 processing fee. You may substitute another attendee at any time. Please send substitution information to the email address above.

Under no circumstances will refunds be provided to no-shows.

McDonald's Exceptional Educator Award
Would you like to nominate a teacher for the McDonald's Exceptional Educator Award? *
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