How Sensitive-Intuitive Are You?
Answer the questions as to the intensity of your experience.
Total your numbers. If it is 60 or over, you are highly sensitive-intuitive.
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Loud music at a concert, movie, or even the TV bothers you. *
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Bright lights can feel blinding to you. *
Taste is intensely pleasant or unpleasant. *
You are very aware of touch (both pleasant and unpleasant). *
Smells are hard to ignore. *
Your experience of light or color has sounds. *
Sound can appear as light or color to you. *
Energies can have a certain taste or smell. *
You sense energies or beings around you. *
You hear words that are not being vocalized. *
You feel the emotions of others. *
If you pay attention, you know the right timing for whatever comes your way. *
You know who is telling the truth and who is not. *
When others question your knowing, even if you try to see things from their point of view, your knowing tells you otherwise. *
You sometimes have trouble knowing whether what you see is in this reality. *
An underlying anxiety is or was present in your life most of the time. *
Feeling safe is or has been a challenge for you. *
It is hard for you to understand why people act as they do. *
Others have taken advantage of your innocence. *
You sometimes know about something or know how to do something without any experience with it. *
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