Dropbox Survey


I am a student in Computer Science and I am currently following a course on requirement capturing. The assignment that we have for this course is to use multiple elicitation techniques and research to find any improvements that could be made to an artifact of our choice. I have chosen the file-sharing service Dropbox as my artifact. I am only looking for people who have used Dropbox, even if it was only one time. If you have never used Dropbox, feel free to delete this email!

If you choose to complete the survey, the only people who will see the answers you provide are me and the examiners of the university. The survey is completely anonymous and after the examination, all data will be destroyed. I would greatly appreciate your time filling out this form and helping me with this assignment. If you have any questions or comments you can email me: Julie.Makelberge@cs.ox.ac.uk

Thank You
Julie Makelberge