Global Pitch Competition Application - 2021
The mission of TiE Women is to embrace, engage and empower women entrepreneurs across the globe – irrespective of the size of their enterprise, origin, standing or background.

Please make sure to complete the application form with exact details about yourself and your company to help us select the best nominations from your chapter for the Global Pitch Competition. All applications will be shared with the relevant chapters post application deadline - June 30, 2021. If you have any questions, please send an email to

TiE Women has planned a number of high-engagement opportunities that will leverage our global entrepreneurial ecosystem. Make sure to visit to know more.

- ONLY one startup worldwide (closest chapter to registered/incorporated address of the company).
- Early* or Late* stage startups ONLY.
- Female-founded or co-founded startups ONLY (The opportunity to pitch for the competition will only be provided to the female founder).
- In India, we encourage Pvt. Ltd. Companies to apply. It is not mandatory for chapter pitch competition but required for the finals in October 2021.

- Less than 3 years
- May have received its initial, or seed funding
- Company has an MVP

- Less than 7 years
- The product or service is commercially available
- Registered sales
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If you're not a TiE member already, we would love for you to join your nearest chapter. It's a great opportunity to have a voice and be part of a league of future successful entrepreneurs.
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