Adoption Application
By completing this application, you are stating that you understand there is a fee for adoption. This fee covers, but is not limited to, transportation to and from the fosters' home (often from hundreds of miles away), food for the animal, vaccinations, neuter/spay, training, and medical care.

The kitten/cat adoption fee typically ranges from $25.00 - $100.00.
The puppy/dog adoption fee typically ranges from $250.00-$325.00

We do call all veterinarians and references. Ensure your current pets are up to date on vaccines and spayed/neutered (unless a medical reason they are not) or your application cannot be completed. It's also helpful to give your references a head's up that we'll be calling as we follow through carefully on each and every application. Please contact us at if you have any questions.
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Are all pets UTD on vaccines and spayed/neutered? If not, describe reason why. *
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Do you have the financial means to give your pet adequate veterinary care including vaccines and emergencies? *
Who will have primary care of the pet?
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Have you ever euthanized a pet? If so, describe circumstances. *
Have you ever surrendered a pet? If so, describe circumstances. *
Please provide 3 character references with phone numbers. We DO contact all. Applications without this information will not be considered. *
Please list any additional information here. This is where you can tell us more about your household and what kind of pet you think would best fit.
By typing your name below, you agree that all of the information you have given is true and complete. This animal will reside in your home as a pet. You will provide quality food, fresh water, indoor shelter, affection, annual physical examinations, and vaccinations under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian.
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