John P. Murray Award Nomination
The News Media Alliance is now accepting nominations for the 2020 John P. Murray Award for Excellence in Audience Development. Established in 2019 in memory of the Alliance’s long-time colleague, the John P. Murray Award for Excellence in Audience Development recognizes three Alliance member news organizations each year that have demonstrated exceptional innovation and sophistication in understanding content strategy as part of audience development.

Please complete the form below to nominate your news organization or another Alliance member news organization. Nominations are due by FRIDAY, JANUARY 29, 2021.

Please send any helpful attachments or supplemental information related to your nomination to Alliance Communications Director, Lindsey Loving, at

The selected recipients will each receive a $500 cash prize to put toward enhancing their audience development and engagement efforts. The News Media Alliance and American Press Institute will make the final selection of the 2020 recipients and will notify them in Spring 2021.

For the official rules, visit
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Please tell us, in 400 words or less, why your news organization should receive the 2020 John P. Murray Award for Excellence in Audience Development, including examples of innovation and effectiveness in implementing successful audience development strategies, and any quantifiable impacts on engagement and subscriptions resulting from their implementation. NOTE: You may send any supplemental information, such as PowerPoint slides, etc., to Alliance Communications Director, Lindsey Loving, at *
Which of the seven "table stakes" for modern news publishing did you focus on this year? Please select up to three. For more information on the seven Table Stakes, visit *
What size is your news organization? / How many employees does your news organization have? Select one. (Please select the option that corresponds with the size / # of employees at the nominated newspaper only, not the parent company) *
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If you answered "Yes" to the question above, please tell us what you have done in the last year to move the program forward.
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