This Time Tomorrow Reader Survey
After a lot of reflection about 2017, I wanted to kick off 2018 on a note and in a direction that excites both ME and YOU GUYS. That got me thinking -- as much as I ask for feedback in blog comments and on Instagram, I've never officially asked you in a survey format.

I understand you're all incredibly busy, so the fact you're on this page, means SO much to me. It's 22 questions total, most multiple choice -- so it should only take around 10 minutes or less. All free form text questions are optional, so if you would prefer to skip them, that's totally fine.

Also, it should be noted, this is all anonymous and aggregated. I will never know who said what. I don't want anyone feeling uncomfortable with their name associated with answers, so please be brutally honest. No hard feelings. Deal? Deal!

About you
Tell me everything!
Are you an influencer/blogger/YouTuber/content creator, either full-time or part-time, as well? *
How did you first find my blog, This Time Tomorrow? *
What phrase best represents your personal style? *
What's your #1 reason for following blogs/bloggers in general? *
Habits. We all got 'em. Tell me yours!
How much time do you spend reading blogs (actual blog sites, not Instagram)? *
When is your preferred time of the day to check social media? *
What's your favorite platform to follow influencers/bloggers on? (Instagram, Twitter, their blogs, etc.) *
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Do you use Like To Know It frequently? *
Are you subscribed to any blogger newsletters? *
Feedback for This Time Tomorrow
Tell me what you want, what you really, really want!
Check your top FOUR favorite categories that you'd like to see MORE of on This Time Tomorrow. *
From the above list, please tell me ONE category that you're tired of seeing bloggers do and should be left behind in 2017. *
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With regard to fashion-specific photography, if you have to choose, do you prefer aspirational or approachable content? *
Let's talk about Instagram, baby
You know, that huge elephant in the room...
If you had to choose between iPhone photos or high-res DSLR photos, which would you prefer on Instagram? *
Of your time spent on Instagram, do you prefer Instagram posts or Instagram Stories more? *
If you had to choose, do you prefer Live videos or Insta Stories that involve more candid talking to camera? *
Ending Notes...
Just a few more -- you're almost done! Since these are short form text, they're not required, but I would LOVE it if you could fill this out with just a few quick notes!
What's one thing you think bloggers/content creators should KEEP doing?
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What's one thing you think bloggers/content creators should STOP immediately?
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What's one thing you think I should KEEP doing in 2018?
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What's one thing you think I should STOP doing in 2018?
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Finish this sentence: When I decide to follow a blogger, it's important to me that they...
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