Accumulation Pledge for Tsok Bum on Aug 28th
The second in our series of seven Tsok Bum will happen on August 28th, the Guru Rinpoche Day of the 7th lunar month. You can find general information about the seven Tsok bum here:

When we practice a tsok bum, the heart of the practice is the accumulation of the feast offering prayer. Here is the excerpt of the Tukdrup Sampa Lhundrup tsok offering accumulation prayer from the practice text:

Like last month, we will live-stream the chanting with footage of the Asura Cave from 8am to 11am Nepal time, on Aug 28th. We request that all of you who are able to join us for the prayers and chanting do so at that time. If the time zone differences make that impossible, you may complete your accumulations at any time during Aug 28th in your own location. We ask that you pledge to complete at least 2 malas worth of the tsok offering prayer. This might take you around 3 hours to complete, depending on your pace of chanting.

We will be arranging tsok offerings in front of the Asura cave. And, prior to engaging in your practice, we also encourage you to place tsok offerings in front of your own personal shrine.

Please fill the form below to submit your pledge intention.
This time, if you need to change your accumulation pledge, please submit a new form. We have removed the option to edit your form after submission.

**Note: There are five responses we need from you below, and parts of these may appear in the language of the country you are currently in (for example, in the Nepali language, if you are in Nepal). If that's the case then here are the English translations:

The first response section requests your email address.

In the fifth response section, after "3 malas" it says "Other", which presents the option for you to inform us if you will complete more than 3 malas of accumulations.

Finally, the red button on the bottom left is for submitting the form. Please don't forget to click that so that your count is properly included!**

We rejoice in your practice and thank you for participating in this vast activity to benefit all sentient beings during these troubled times. May all your aspirations be fulfilled!

Sarva Mangalam,
The Samye Institute Team
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