Ancestral Foodways Consultation Questionnaire
Greetings! Thank you for reaching out!
Thank you for your world-serving interest to connect with *your ancestors*. <3

The purpose of this questionnaire is to help us begin to understand the webs of your ancestral peoples, places, and cultures -- as well as your areas of greatest interest, so we may tailor our efforts & research to suit!
If you prefer to answer these questions over the phone, please call us at 732-306-8400.

There are many big questions below, but only those with *red asterisks* need a response.
Please only answer the questions that feel most relevant to you & your desires.

After receiving your form, we will get in touch to schedule your consultation.
The cost of this consultation is sliding scale $44-144, though in the spirit of reparations, we offer this service as a gift to self-identifying African Americans.

The fruit of this service is a document for you to keep containing our notes, recommendations & recipes. Further, if desired, the Ancestral Foodways Consultation may be paired (and bundled for discounts!) with other related services we offer.

Thank you for saying YES to this adventure. We invite you to imagine, or picture now, in your mind ::
an ancestor of yours, or many - even if you have no idea who or where they are or were - living lives deeply connected to place, their bodies, and to the webs of life that supported them.

We believe that connection to each one of our bloodlines & ancestries may hold some kind of key to the modern dis-ease of our times. We see how stories & experiences of separation from Earth & Home contribute widely to oppressive patterns everywhere.

We hope that each one of us finds our way back to the elemental cultures that, for our survival, understand fundamentally our oneness with Earth & with one another. <3 .

YOU <3
By what name(s) do you prefer to be called? *
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Please share also any of your preferred pronouns. Thank you. *
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What is your preferred email address (or other preferred contact information)? *
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Do you have any known dietary needs or restrictions? *
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We are happy to work with whatever amount or specificity of information you have about your ancestral lines.

We also understand that you may have ancestors coming from a wide variety of regions & cultural groups - this is most welcome (and common)! We are happy to offer an integrated experience through the multiple foodways that nourished the ancestors who made you possible.
What do you know about your ancestral peoples? What regions do they hail from? What ethnic, religious, and/or cultural groups shaped their worlds? *
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What do you know about the foodways of your ancestors? What dishes, ingredients, and cooking methods do you know to be significant to them? Which are significant to you already, if any?
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What do you want most out of this ancestral foodways consultation? *
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How far back in time do you imagine going through this work (e.g. three or four generations? 500 years? 5000 years?)? How far back in time might you most enjoy going in this work?
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Are there specific ancestral dishes, ingredients, or cooking methods you want to make sure that we explore together?
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What might your fullest, most vibrant relationship with your ancestral foodways look, sound, feel, and/or taste like? How might your life be different if this became a reality?
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What challenges, or fears - if any - do you face in connecting to your ancestral foodways?
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How do the forces of love & joy figure in your approach to this work?
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These are some additional questions to help us make our recommendations as tailored as possible to your existing food flows.
What is your diet like now? What's a typical food day or week like for you?
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Does food happen collectively at Home? Do you shop, cook, or eat with others? Do you wish to share your ancestral foodways regularly with a group larger than yourself?
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How do you imagine incorporating knowledge of your ancestral foodways into your life?
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This questionnaire forms the basis of a thoughtful conversation we will soon be having together.
From there, we produce a document for you to keep containing notes, recommendations & recipes.
Let's schedule a conversation!
When are you typically free to speak (for a 30 to 60 minute consultation)?
Note here any specific time availabilities that would need be met.
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Over what medium(s) would you like to consult with us? *
If the idea holds interest for you, we may deepen in this work together. This consultation may be just the beginning.
We would love to help you to explore these your ancestral foodways on your own through any number of related offerings.
AND, we would be delighted to work out a package discount for you if you wish to pursue additional related services.
What other services, if any, *might* you feel called to learn more about, or pursue further together?
Would you like to hear more from us specifically about our philosophical approach to - & frames for - this work of ancestral heritage connection?
What ought we have asked that we didn't ask?
Your answer
Is there anyone else in your life that might benefit from, and be interested in, connecting to their ancestral foodways? We invite you to forward them this form. Thank you. <3 .
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