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This is an open invitation for you to share your interest in speaking at an AVM event. It gives you clarity about what your audience is looking for. The form covers all of our events, except our Annual Conference.

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The Association of Volunteer Managers strives to connect leaders of volunteering to make change happen together. Running regular learning events for people across the UK regardless of field, discipline or sector is a crucial part of this. We grow our learning community by bringing our members and speakers together to share their experience, and warmly welcome people from outside the 'volunteer management bubble'.
FAQ: What kind of opportunity is this?
* Our speakers regularly learn as much as our delegates and create crucial connections with our community. You may be...
* By delivering a session at our event you'll raise your profile and your organisation's profile with our 500+ members who represent 200+ volunteer-involving employers. This is your opportunity to be a key part of our learning community.
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Charlotte holding Snoopy the dog. Quote reads “When I was first asked to speak, I had a ‘gulp moment’. I'd only been in post for a short time. But I'd still learnt a lot - so I was happy to share while saying ‘Hey I’m still learning’. We’re all still learning about the art of volunteer management.” – Charlotte Fielder, Head of Volunteering, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
FAQ: Are you sure you'd be interested in me?
* Whether you've been exploring the subject very recently, or you've got a career of learning to share - our delegates want to hear from you!
* Don't compare the highs and lows of your work with others' work, where you only see the positive developments. Our delegates want to understand the next steps and mistakes they could make, not hear about an unattainable goal.
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