The Jacket - Questions
Please answer the following questions in COMPLETE SENTENCES. Some questions ask you to cite a quote from the story. The story was copied from a textbook, and the page numbers of that book are at the bottom of each page. Use those page numbers when citing the quote. There are multiple parts to these questions - read them carefully and answer them completely!
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Cite a quote from the story where Soto SHOWS the reader his emotions or actions instead of TELLING the reader. *Find a descriptive sentence without a linking verb.* (Example: "I stared at the jacket, like an enemy, thinking bad things before I took off my old jacket whose sleeves climbed halfway to my elbow" (265).) *
What is SHOWN in the quote you chose? (Example: The narrator does not like new the jacket - in fact, he hates it - and his old jacket, which was well-loved for many years, was finally too small to wear.) *
List three bad things that happen to the narrator during the years he wears the jacket. *
Do you think the jacket directly causes these things? Why or why not? *
At the end of the memoir, how have narrator's feelings about the jacket changed? Cite a quote that shows his feelings have changed. WHY do you think they have changed? *
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