Volunteer @ Window on the World 2017
Thank you for choosing to volunteer at the 2017 Window on the World Festival. This international festival is a great way to participate in the celebration of cultural diversity and global harmony. If you have any questions about volunteering at WOW, please contact Kaitlin Salyer at ksalyer@tntech.edu or 931-372-6143.
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If you are unable to work the full shift(s) that you select, please mention that in the "comments" section below.
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If you are volunteering for class credit, please give the name of the class and the professor's FULL name.
If you do not give the name of your class and full name of your professor, your professor will not be notified that you volunteered.
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I acknowledge that I have voluntarily chosen to participate in the following activity: I understand that there may be risks associated with my participation in this activity and that such risks could result in loss, damages, injury or death. In addition to the general risks inherent in all activities (e.g., travel risks, premises risks, bodily injury risks, equipment risks and unforeseeable risks), I acknowledge that this activity may present specific risks including but not limited to the following: Theft of personal property; Injury due to improper use of equipment/tools (such as, but not limited to: ladders, box cutters, staplers and hammers); Injury due to water, ice and fire; Injury due to improper or heavy lifting; Injury due to falls (such as, but not limited to falling on stairs); Illness due to allergies (such as, but not limited to: dust, foods, and other substances). I acknowledge that I have had an opportunity to investigate the activity’s requirements and the conditions under which I will be participating in the activity. I represent that I am physically fit to participate in the activity and that I have adequate health insurance necessary to pay or in the absence of insurance will be financially responsible for paying all amounts or charges for any medical bills that Participant may incur during the Activity. I acknowledge and accept full responsibility for any expenses incurred as a result of such emergency treatment to the extent such expenses are not covered by my insurance. I also agree to indemnify Tennessee Tech University for any liability, including attorney’s fees, for any actions brought against Tennessee Tech University for any unpaid medical costs or bills I incur. I will conduct myself in a responsible manner, act safely, abide by all federal, state, and local laws or ordinances, and follow the rules, procedures or instructions of the activity. I also agree to abide at all times by Tennessee Tech’s rules related to student conduct when participating in this activity.
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