Transgender Healthcare in Ireland and The Netherlands
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Who am I?

My name is Niall Kirrane, and I am an Irish Sociologist currently based at the University of Amsterdam, where I am completing my Masters in Gender & Sexuality Studies.

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What is my research project?

I hope to research trans people’s experiences of using gender identity services. I want to speak to people from both Ireland and the Netherlands, in order to compare the two gender health care systems, and explore how the differences / similarities affect the experiences of people using these services.

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Willing to take part?

If so, your time, insights and experience would be very much valued and appreciated. I hope that this piece of research can contribute to improving the awareness and understanding of issues faced by trans people, particularly with regards to healthcare.

I am looking for people who identify as trans (both binary and non-binary) who meet the following criteria:
- Age 17 +
- Have experience of using Gender Identity Services in Ireland or the Netherlands
- Willing to discuss their views and experiences of medicalisation (however, rest assured that participants will not be asked any invasive or personal details relating to their own transition)
- Consent to being audio recorded for research purposes (All data will be securely and anonymously saved to ensure confidentiality is maintained)

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Sign me up:

If you would like to participate in this project, or to find out further information about it, please fill in your contact details below and I will contact you back.

You can also get in touch with me directly via email or Facebook:

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Please Note: This research is being conducted in full compliance with the ethical code established by the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research, at the University of Amsterdam, and also the General Data Protection Regulations of the EU.

This project is being supervised by Dr. Margriet Van Heesch, who can also be contacted in relation to this research:

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