Maltose Falcons Merlin Cup Submission
Maltose Falcons Homebrew Society Homebrewer of the Year!

An award to recognize one member for their club and community involvement and personal achievements in homebrewing.  This person is the epitome of the traits they we hold in highest esteem and is expected to continue to participate, educate and give back to less experienced club members in the same way that they were tutored when they were novice.

Points may be earned throughout the year from the day after the annual club's Oktoberfest, through the week before the Oktoberfest the following year.  Some points are recorded by club officers, but most will be self reported.  All will be tracked on the club website and posted periodically to encourage competition.  Those with the highest point values at the end of the year will have their achievements confirmed by the Merlin Cup sub-committee who may eliminate point submissions at their discretion, and final point values tallied.  Points will be awarded as follows:

Note: Points may only be collected from a single line item for any given event.  For instance, if you organize a club brew and submit the associated write up to the newsletter, you earn only 3 points for "Organizing a club activity", and not 1 point for attending and 1 point for the write up and 3 points for organizing.  The same goes for officers who act according to the duties of their office.  They collect points for the office, and not for individual actions.
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