2nd Semester PAWS Change Request Form

You have the flexibility to change your PAWS throughout the semester. Once you have completed your request form, please continue to follow your current schedule until you receive a new schedule indicating your change has been completed. Please do not submit duplicate requests.

To make a change:
1. Select the PAWS day you wish to drop.
2. Select the PAWS class you are requesting to add.
3. If there is a second class you are requesting to add, indicate that class.
4. If you would like to provide an alternative should one or both of your requests are not available, you can provide that selection.
5. Write in comments if you are not sure of what day you want to drop. Please use the link below to see what day a class is offered.

PAWS Course List - http://bit.ly/PAWSCourses

Seniors - For Early Release, please select the early release option. A parent/guardian permission form must also be submitted to the front office.


Students are asked to complete the PAWS request form to advocate for their interest or where they need support. Should a student require support in a specific subject area, the student's teacher, grade-level administrator, or counselor will make a request to have a student's PAWS schedule changed to support that need.

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