Advocate for Access: NightWare for Military Members Survey
Thank you for participating in this short survey. Your answers will remain anonymous and will be used by NightWare to advocate for access and coverage of NightWare for members of the military. Your input is critical in our efforts to raise the urgency for access to NightWare. We will use the data to aggregate the experience of service members and may share responses to Question 7 to elevate awareness of the lived experiences of those who suffer from nightmares.

If you have participated in a NightWare clinical trial, we ask that you do not complete this survey.
1. Are you a: *
2. How frequently do PTSD-related nightmares disrupt you or your loved one's sleep?
3. To what degree do PTSD-related nightmares affect you or your loved one's quality of life?
Nightmares do not affect my quality of life
Nightmares have a severe affect on my quality of life
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4. Have you or your loved one received medical treatment specifically for nightmares?
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5. Which VA/DHA Health System do you or your loved one utilize?
6. How did you first hear about NightWare?
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7. Any additional feedback you’d like to share about you or your loved one's experience with PTSD-related nightmares?
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NightWare Indication for Use and Safety Information
The NightWare digital therapeutic is indicated to provide vibrotactile feedback on an Apple Watch based on an analysis of heart rate and motion during sleep for the temporary reduction of sleep disturbance related to nightmares in adults 22 years or older who suffer from nightmare disorder or have nightmares from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It is intended for home use.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: If you have been known to “act out” your nightmares (i.e.: sleepwalking, violence), do not use NightWare and contact your Healthcare Provider.

• NightWare is not a standalone therapy for PTSD. The device should be used in conjunction with prescribed medications for PTSD and other recommended therapies for PTSD-associated nightmares and nightmare disorder, according to relevant consensus guidelines.
• If daytime sleepiness occurs, contact your Healthcare Provider.
• If you feel drowsy, do not drive or operate heavy machinery. Contact your healthcare provider.
• If the watch vibration causes awakenings not associated with nightmares, please contact your Healthcare Provider.
• If nightmares persist, worsen, or recur contact your Healthcare Provider.
• If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use of the watch and contact your Healthcare Provider.
• Your watch could disturb your bedpartner’s sleep if they are in contact with the watch when it vibrates. Try not to let the watch contact your bedpartner at night.
• Do not wear the watch too tightly, it should feel comfortable and snug, not tight on your wrist.
• Wear the watch only when you are planning to go to sleep; do not wear it while reading or watching TV in bed as this may trigger false alerts.
• Use the NightWare watch every night.
• NightWare is not intended for use by individuals under age 22.
• The long-term safety and effectiveness of the NightWare device have not been established.

• Caution: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a Healthcare Provider.
• NightWare is intended to be used under the supervision of a Healthcare Provider.
• Do not drop or crush the smartphone or watch.
• Be sure to charge the smartphone and watch every day.
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