Permaculture Design Course, Sweden June 2024
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*Please note, these one day courses are part of the full permaculture design course so there is no need to indicate your attendance to them if you are applying to join the full 14 day course. If you can only come to the one day courses, please indicate which ones you would like to come to
Payment options for the 14 day PDC

The cost for the training is based on gift economy, where participants are invited to contribute what they can afford and are willing to pay. The cost of putting on the course means we need to raise on average €450 per person. However we invite you to propose how much you would like to contribute somewhere in the range of the following

Ideal contribution €600

Average contribution €450

Minimum contribution €300

We encourage those of you who can contribute more to do so, which should allow us to cover our costs, however if the minimum is outside of your ability to contribute then please let us know of your circumstances so we can see if we can find a way to get you on the course.

If there is a shortfall in the final sum (which by experience is unlikely), we will request the shortfall to be covered anonymously via a magic hat process. This process is part of the permaculture ethos, which allows people to pay according to their capacity, while meeting the needs of the hosts, teachers, etc.

Course fees for 14 days *
Payment options for the Short courses
These courses are by donation. Please let us know in advance how much you wish to donate via the sign up form. Suggested donation between €30 and €70 per day (average €50).

1 day intro to Social permaculture and Sociocracy (1 Jun)
1 day intro to Permaculture design (2 Jun)
1 day intro to Water management (3 Jun)
1 day intro to Creating healthy soil (4 Jun)
1 day intro to Growing food the permaculture way (5 Jun)
1 day intro to Forest gardening (8 Jun)
1 day intro to Urban permaculture (9 Jun)
1 day intro to Designing buildings and structures (10 Jun)
1 day intro to Off grid living (esp. energy) (11 Jun)

*Please note, these one day courses are part of the full permaculture design course and are included in the course fee (i.e. you do not need to pay extra for these if you have already paid for the PDC). However they are also being offered as a separate distinct course to people who cannot make the full course and can only attend during the weekend.

Course fees for the one day courses per day *
To make the most of the PDC and increase the exchange in-between participants, we encourage people to stay on site for the duration of this course

This venue offers indoor and outdoor camping accommodation. There is also space for people to park in their camper vans or other vehicles.
Accommodation Options *
Food and Accommodation Costs *

The cost of covering the bills per person is 150 sek per night (approx €13.50). 

The cost of covering the 3 meals, plus snacks and drinks per person is 150 sek per day (approx €13.50). 

Hence normally this would be 2400 sek for 16 days of food and an additional 2400 sek for accommodation.

However if you are doing the full course, the combined cost of food and accommodation has been massively reduced to being 2000 sek (approx €180) for the full maximum 16 days. 

Huge appreciation to the community for their flexibility in helping to make this course so affordable 

Payment method
Payment *
If you are offering to pay cash, please explain how you intend to get the cash to Rakesh in advance to secure your place on the course *
Additional info and logistics
Food special needs
If you have any special dietary needs, please let us know in advance, so we can inform other participants so we can all try to accommodate
Expected date of arrival *
This will help us with logistics of food accommodation etc, so please give us your best guestimate
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This will help us with logistics of helping arrange shared lifts
Photo Privacy *
In this day and age of social media, everyone has their preference for how photos are used on social media. We find it useful to share photos of events, but want to respect everyone's privacy. So we ask you to let us know in advance how we can respect your privacy. Typically we will collect photos on a private shared drive (on line or offline) and give people a chance to delete any photo they do not want shared (we will discuss this during the course). It is rare for people to take video or audio recordings, but if this happens we will make a policy for that during the course, hence this section refers to photo's only.
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